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Creating Physical Activity in the Workplace

Creating Physical Activity in the Workplace (PDF 18.5MB) is a physical activity toolkit designed to assist employers in creating a workplace that supports physical activity. Providing opportunities for employees to be physically active at work will improve work performance, increase energy levels and improve the employees’ overall job satisfaction. The employer will also realize benefits such as, increased employee productivity and job performance and an enhanced corporate culture that improves recruitment and retention efforts. The employer who supports and encourages their employees to be more physically active will become known as an employer of choice that can attract the employees of choice. A workplace that supports physical activity will help employees achieve optimal health and success at work and will be more successful in the long term.


The toolkit provides:

  • Physical Activity recommendations for adults,
    18-64 years
  • Suggested activities to assist employers to support active workplaces
  • Resources for both the employer and employee

Table of Contents

The Creating Physical Activity in the Workplace toolkit consists of 4 sections.

  1. Introduction (PDF 2.1MB)
    This section provides an overview of the toolkit; information on the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines, sedentary behavior (inactivity), stress and facts.
  2. Workplace Activities (PDF 15MB)
    This section will provide examples of activities that can be encouraged in the workplace. Information and instructions for implementing activities are provided.
  3. Policy (PDF 454KB)
    This section will provide sample policies as policy development is an important part of a comprehensive workplace health program.
  4. Other Resources (PDF 487KB)
    This section provides a list of additional websites that provide information on healthy living.

Creating Physical Activity in the Workplace Toolkit

Creating Physical Activity in the Workplace Toolkit

View, download and print 
(PDF 18.5MB)

Date of creation: September 16, 2014
Last modified on: September 7, 2018