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Having a baby and becoming a family can be a very exciting time and there is no doubt that the new child will bring many joys to you as a parent. However, this transition can also be one of the most stressful times in a couple’s relationship. Having a healthy relationship with your partner not only increases your relationship satisfaction, but is one of the best parenting strategies you can have for your new baby. Having a satisfied and healthy relationship with your partner will actually make you a better parent and have long-reaching effects on the baby’s social, emotional and cognitive development, not to mention role models what a healthy relationship looks like.


Communication is key

The good news is there are lots of things you can do now to strengthen your relationship and prepare for this challenging time. While it may seem basic and perhaps a little obvious, we often get so caught up in preparing to welcome the new baby into the world that we don’t think of it – communication. Now more than ever you have good reason to brush up on your communication skills.

Read on for more information and tips to help you navigate this transition to parenthood.

Date of creation: February 15, 2013
Last modified on: May 20, 2022