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Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) and COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility

The Provincial Government has identified a number of residential complexes across Ontario, where there is a significant proportion of residents over the age of 65, as Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, or NORCs. As the Province continues in its efforts to ensure as many Ontario residents as possible are more fully protected against COVID-19 and the Delta variant, the decision has been made to extend third-dose vaccine eligibility to all Ontarians over the age of 65, who also live in a NORC.

If you are 65 years of age or older and you live at one of the addresses listed below, you are now eligible to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

How do I get a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine?

If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible for a third dose.

  • You are 65 years of age or older and you live at one of the addresses listed below.
  • It has been at least five months since you received your second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

How to get a third dose:

  1. Visit a mass vaccination clinic with or without an appointment or book in advance at www.covidvaccinelm.ca.
  2. Visit a local pharmacy or your health care provider if they are giving COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinic Hours of Operation

  • Western Fair Agriplex, 845 Florence Street:
    Thursday to Monday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Caradoc Community Centre in Mount Brydges, 565 Lions Park Drive
    Walk-ins only on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What should I bring to my third dose appointment?

  • Photo ID and an official piece of mail, such as a hydro bill or other document showing your name and address, to confirm that you live at a residence that qualifies you to receive a third dose of vaccine.
  • Any previous COVID-19 vaccination records, particularly if you received your first two doses outside of Ontario. You can also register any COVID-19 vaccine doses received outside of Ontario with the Middlesex-London Health Unit at least five business days before your appointment.

List of Eligible Naturally-Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) in London and Middlesex County

1 Andover Dr., London, N6J 4H2
30 Base Line Rd. W, London, N6J 1V3
285 Base Line Rd. W, London, N6J 1W3
1420 Beaverbrook Ave., London, N6H 5W5 (Beaverbrook Towers)
1440 Beaverbrook Ave., London, N6H 5W6 (Beaverbrook Towers)
1460 Beaverbrook Ave., London, N6H 5W7 (Beaverbrook Towers)
10 Beechwood Pl., London, N6C 1H7 (Park Towers)
550 Berkshire Dr., London, N6J 3S2
555 Berkshire Dr., London, N6J 3V6
60 Capulet Lane, London, N6H 0B2 (Capulet Towers)
810 Capulet Lane, London, N6H 0G9 (Blythwood Place)
110 Cherryhill Cir., London, N6H 2L9
115 Cherryhill Blvd., London, N6H 2L8
170 Cherryhill Cir., London, N6H 2M1
180 Cherryhill Cir., London, N6H 2M2
190 Cherryhill Cir., London, N6H 2M3
120 Cherryhill Pl., London, N6H 4N9
160 Cherryhil Pl., London, N6H 4M4
363 Clarke Rd., London, N5W 6A9
9 Commissioners Rd. E, London, N6C 5Z7
199 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6J 4W8 
331 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6J 4Y2
333 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6J 4X7
353 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6J 0A3
1180 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6K 4J2
1194 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6K 1C8
1200 Commissioners Rd. W, London, N6K 0J7
1030 Coronation Dr., London, N6G 0G5
400 Dominion St., London, N7G 3G8
389 Dundas St., London, N6B 3L5
1595 Dyer Dr., London, N6G 0T7
1605 Dyer Dr., London, N6G 0S3
570 Gainsborough Rd., London, N6G 4X2 (Trinity Place)
1 Grosvenor St., London, N6A 1Y2
632 Hale St., London, N5W 1H5
1109 Hamilton Rd., London, N5W 0A7
90 Highview Ave. E, London, N6C 5Y9
536 Huron St., London, N5Y 4J5 (Village Apartments)
980 Huron St., London, N5Y 5L5
1237 Huron St., London, N5Y 4L3 (Brentin Manor)
100 Huxley St., London, N6J 2X9
1670 Jalna Blvd., London, N6E 3S4 (White Oaks Gate)
1671 Jalna Blvd., London, N6E 3S3 (White Oaks Gate)
170 Kent St., London, N6A 1L4
636 Marshall St., London, N5W 0A9
202 McNay St., London, N5Y 4X1
300 North Centre Rd., London, N6G 5H2 (The Chantry)
22 Picton St., London, N6B 3R5 (Picton Place)
45 Pond Mill Rd., London, N5Z 4W5
740 Proudfoot Lane, London, N6H 5H2 (Pineridge Place)
744 Proudfoot Lane, London, N6H 5H8 (Pineridge Place)
600 Proudfoot Lane, London, N6H 5W3
1985 Richmond St., London, N5X 0A6
80 Ridout St. S, London, N6C 5H7
82 Ridout St. S, London, N6C 5H6
95 Ridout St. S, London, N6C 3X3
521 Riverside Dr., London, N6H 5E2
600 Saulsbury St., London, N7G 0A8
450 Sandringham Cres., London, N6C 5T9
430 South St., London, N6B 3M8 (London Polonia Towers)
315 Southdale Rd. W, London, N6J 0B1 (Westmount Estates)
325 Southdale Rd. W, London, N6J 4Y8
335 Southdale Rd. W, London, N6J 0A1 (Westmount Estates)
885 Southdale Rd. W, London, N6P 0C5 (Pomeroy Place)
905 Southdale Rd. W, London, N6P 0E2 (Pomeroy Place)
500 Springbank Dr., London, N6J 4G6
620 Springbank Dr., London, N6K 4V8 (Rosecliffe Gardens) 
630 Springbank Dr., London,N6K 4V1 (Rosecliffe Gardens)
940 Springbank Rd., London, N6K 0E3
425 Sugarcreek Trail, London, N6H 0C5
250 Sydenham St., London, N6A 5S1
500 Talbot St., London, N6A 2S3
600 Talbot St., London, N6A 5L9
240 Villagewalk Blvd., London, N6G 0P6 (Village North)
260 Villagewalk Blvd., London, N6G 0W6
85 Walnut St., London, N6H 4P3
2040 Wavell St.,  London, N5V 4R7
200 Westfield Dr., London, N6H 2M4
201 Westfield Dr., London, N6H 2M5
675 Windemere Rd., London, N5X 4G2 (Windemere Place)
284 Wonderland Rd. S, London, N6K 4Z4 (The Riverview)
744 Wonderland Rd. S, London, N6K 4K3
790 Wonderland Rd. S, London, N6K 1M5
800 Wonderland Rd. S, London N6K 4L8
Date of creation: October 18, 2021
Last modified on: October 19, 2021