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Medications include prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Sometimes, they are also called medicines. Medication can make you feel better. All medications carry some risk and can cause a reaction in your body. The reaction can range from a mild reaction to a serious allergic reaction1.

Medications affect older adults differently because they stay in their system longer2. Medication interactions are often a reason why older adults fall.

Did you know?

MedsCheck is a free program that is provided by pharmacists. If you live in Ontario, take three or more prescription medications, you can have a free consultation with your pharmacist to make sure your medication is safe and appropriate. To learn more about this program, visit Ontario.ca/medscheck.

Tips to manage your medication safely:

  • Know the drugs you are taking
  • Review your medications with your doctor and your pharmacist on a regular basis
  • Keep medicines safe
  • Dispose of medications properly
  • Keep a record of the drugs that you are taking

You can order a free Knowledge is the best medicine booklet or download the MyMedRec app to create your own medication record3.

Date of creation: February 5, 2013
Last modified on: September 1, 2015




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