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LGBT2Q+ Network of London and Area

The LGBT2Q+ Network of London and Area is a public directory of organizations and service providers who have committed to specific Community Standards of Practice related to serving LGBT2Q+ communities. The Network’s Advisory Team coordinates the directory, using the Community Standards of Practice as a tool to identify and improve access to inclusive resources and services for LGBT2Q+ communities.


Eligibility for Inclusion

To be eligible for inclusion in the Network, an organization or provider must read and agree to the Community Standards of Practice, which are outlined in this form. The directory will be posted on the Middlesex-London Health Unit website, and may be duplicated on other organizations’ or providers’ websites. As a service provider or organization, you may remove yourself from the directory at any time by writing to the Network’s Advisory Team.

Submit a Form

Once you have filled out your information, you can send it electronically to any member of the
Advisory Team, or mail your printed copy to:

  • 50 King St., London, ON, N6A 5L7, ATTN: Leanne Powell.

The information that you provide will be made public unless otherwise noted; however, you
will be notified when your information will become public. Please feel free to include any further
relevant information. Updates to the directory will be made on a monthly basis.

Date of creation: November 11, 2015
Last modified on: November 11, 2015