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Speech and Language Development




Language is an important skill. It all starts with talking to your baby, even before your baby is born.

  • By 2 months of age, a baby is able to make a few different sounds.
  • By 4 months, your baby can "answer" you with sounds like coos or gurgles.
  • By 6 months, a baby seems to respond to some words, including their own name.
  • By 9 months, babies can understand short instructions and make sounds to get your attention.
  • At a year of age, they try to put sounds together like they are talking!  Your 12 month old should also use 3 or more words, although they may not be clear enough for everyone to understand.1
  • tykeTALK logotykeTALK
    Is your child talking like other children the same age?
  • 2000 Words to Grow2000 Words To Grow
    The number of quality, positive words a child hears in an hour can dramatically impact their future success.
Date of creation: February 11, 2015
Last modified on: March 27, 2015


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