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Literacy - it's  a big word in many ways.  Most people think of literacy as just reading and writing.  Literacy is so much more. It is also having the ability to understand, use and apply those skills so you can participate in school and society.1



Baby Book Bag Program

First time parents are eligible to receive a free Baby Book Bag.


To receive your free Baby's Book Bag (from London's Child and Youth Network), visit any London Public Library or Ontario Early Years Centre in London. 

Middlesex County

To receive your free county book bag, please contact your local Ontario Early Years Centre:

  • Strathroy, Glencoe, Mt. Brydges, Parkhill, Newbury, Wardsville, Melbourne, Kerwood and nearby areas
    Call Allison: 519-245-8879
  • Lucan, Ilderton, Ailsa Craig, Thorndale, Granton, Komoka, Coldstream and nearby areas
    Call Janice: 519-666-3227
  • Dorchester, Delaware, Putnam and nearby areas
    Call Marilyn: 519-631-9496
  • Baby's Book Bag Program - Poster (PDF 266.4KB)

Baby's Book Bag

Prescription for Literacy

Literacy and School Readiness

Literacy is very important for school readiness. Not many parents think of school readiness when their children are born but there is so much you can do for your child. Research tells us that literacy development starts in early life and is highly correlated to school achievement. Research also shows that brain growth and development is the greatest between the ages of birth to 3 years. Literacy is for the whole family. According to the City of London, Child & Youth Network, family literacy refers to literacy activities that take place in the everyday lives of families.  Literacy occurs naturally during your routines with your child, from singing lullabies, playing with your child, to telling stories.  Babies love the sound of familiar voices and learn from the sounds they hear. You can talk to your child in your own first language too. So go ahead and begin now. It is easy and fun!1

Date of creation: February 24, 2015
Last modified on: August 8, 2016


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