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Designated Officer Training

The Middlesex-London Health Unit provides Designated Officer Training for emergency service workers. This program addresses the Exposure of Emergency Service Workers to Infectious Diseases Protocol (PDF 97KB) and the Mandatory Blood Testing Act (PDF 97KB).

Increasingly the threat of contracting an infectious disease is a serious risk for emergency workers. This program is designed for emergency services personnel who wish to become/or already assigned as the “designated officer” within their organization, as required by the Ministry of Health. This program will provide participants with information about the legislation and guidelines that apply, namely, Exposure of Emergency Service Workers to Infectious Disease Protocol; and how to recognize, assess and control common infectious diseases in the emergency services.


Training Sessions

The training sessions feature a Public Health Nurse and Public Health Inspector, and cover the following topics.

  • When to call the Health Unit, if there is a suspected exposure (e.g. airborne infectious disease or needle stick)
  • Who should be contacted and advice on how to support the exposed officer
  • How the Health Unit follows up on contact tracing
  • The chain of transmission and mode of disease transmission
  • Overview of mandatory blood testing

Request Training

To request Designated Officer Training, please contact the Manager, Emergency Preparedness, Middlesex-London Health Unit.