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Dental Services

The Middlesex-London Health Unit offers many dental services and has a dental treatment clinic at its 50 King Street location. The 50 King Dental Clinic has been running from this location since 1986 and is the only remaining treatment clinic of the Middlesex-London Health Unit. It is managed by the Oral Health Manager, and is run by a dentist, registered dental hygienists, and certified dental assistants.


Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic provides treatment to eligible children, youth and adults at no or low cost. Children and youth who are treated at the Dental Clinic are covered by the following programs:

Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO)

Preventive Services Only  

  • For children and youth without dental coverage. The clinic is able to provide preventive services at no charge through the Preventive Services Only program. 

The Smile Clean 

  • Specific to the Middlesex-London Health Unit, which provides dental cleaning at reduced fees for adults on Ontario Works and parents of Healthy Smiles Ontario clients.

Ontario Works (OW)

  • Must present valid OW documentation
  • Must pay $30 cash only at time of booking appointment

Parent of Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) client

  • Must present a valid HSO client card
  • Must pay $30 CASH only at time of booking appointment

Financial Needs Assessment/Discretionary Benefits

  • Must present with a Valid Dicretionary Benefit Letter
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Last modified on: December 23, 2015

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