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COVID-19 Guidance Documents and Resources for the General Public

Please find below a list of COVID-19 documents and resources for the general public, as well as video recordings of the Health Unit’s COVID-19 Virtual Town Halls.

Middlesex-London Health Unit
COVID-19 VACCINES & YOU: Your Guide to Vaccination for Youth Aged 12-17
Booking your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment [poster]

After your COVID-19 vaccine [poster] - version 1

After your COVID-19 vaccine [poster] - version 2

After your COVID-19 vaccine [postcard] - version 1

After your COVID-19 vaccine [postcard] - version 2

COVID-19 Public Health Principles for Public Spaces
COVID-19 and Ibuprofen Use
Environmental Cleaning in Non-Healthcare Public Settings
How to Safely Wear a Cloth Mask or Face Covering
How to Make Chlorine (Bleach) Solution for Disinfecting
Public Health Ontario
What You Need to Know About Viral Vector Vaccines
What You Need to Know About mRNA Vaccines
Cleaning and disinfection for public settings
COVID-19: Non-Medical Masks
How to Care for A Child Who Needs to Self-Isolate
How to Care for Pets and Other Animals
How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19
How to Self-Isolate
How to Self-Monitor
How to Wash Your Hands
Mask Use for Non-Healthcare Workers
Non-Medical Masks and Face Coverings
Physical Distancing
Self-Isolation: Guide for Caregivers, Household Members and Close Contacts
Take Care of Yourself and Each Other
You Were Tested for COVID-19: What You Should Know
How to Prevent Skin Damage from Cleaning Products
Reduce Your Risk from COVID-19
Health Canada
Care at home for those who have or may have been exposed to COVID-19
How to quarantine or isolate at home if you have or may have COVID-19
Fully vaccinated travellers entering Canada during COVID-19
Animals and COVID-19
At home: Using ventilation and filtration to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of COVID-19
Entering Canada by land and air during COVID-19
For unvaccinated travellers without symptoms of COVID-19 arriving in Canada by land, air or water
For travellers with COVID-19 symptoms arriving in Canada by land, air or water
For fully vaccinated travellers without COVID-19 symptoms arriving in Canada by land, air or water
COVID-19: For unvaccinated children under 12 without symptoms and travelling with fully vaccinated parents or guardians
COVID-19: For travellers over 12 without symptoms who are medically exempt from receiving a vaccination
For persons exempt from mandatory quarantine
People who are at risk for more severe disease or outcomes from COVID-19
How to safely use a non-medical mask or face covering
What you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine for Canada
Cleaning and disinfecting public spaces
Vulnerable populations and COVID-19
How businesses and employees can stay safe while operating during COVID-19
Going out safely during COVID-19
Understanding COVID-19 testing
Help reduce the spread of COVID-19
About COVID-19
Know the facts about COVID-19
Parenting during COVID-19
Be Prepared
Pregnancy, childbirth and caring for newborns: Advice for mothers

Date of creation: January 27, 2020
Last modified on: August 24, 2021