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Middlesex-London Health Unit

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City of London Beverage Vending Review

July 2016

Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Chris Mackie presents to the Community and Protective Services Committee (CAPS) of London City Council on the growing evidence of negative health effects from sugar intake, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and dental caries.

August 2016

CAPS approves an extension to the current beverage vending contract to allow time to review the drinks available for purchase at city facilities including arenas, aquatic centres, community centres and City Hall cafeteria.

September-December 2016

City staff and the Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) work together on the City of London Beverage Vending Review Project. The final report (PDF 534KB) describes what is currently being sold in city vending machines, the results of a facility user survey, a review of the literature, and possible policy changes. MLHU staff recommend the removal of all beverage vending machines as the preferred option.

January 2017

Community and Protective Services Committee, January 24, 2017;

Council Meeting January 31, 2017;

  • Council decided that a public participation meeting was not needed.
  • There were six councilors in favor of removing all beverage vending machines from city facilities and seven opposed.
  • Several councilors expressed support for providing healthier options in beverage vending machines at city facilities.
  • Council decided to approve the removal of bulk candy vending machines from city facilities.
  • Civic Administration / City Staff will proceed with the development of a new RFP process to secure a new vendor for beverage vending.
  • MLHU will continue to work with the City to educate residents on the health risks of sugary drinks and to promote the benefits of water.

February 2017

  • Report (PDF 534KB) to Middlesex-London Board of Health February 16, 2017 plus Appendix B (PDF 31KB).
Date of creation: January 20, 2017
Last modified on: February 28, 2017